Trademate Pro Guide | The tool that helps you beat the Sharp Bookmakers & Betting Exchanges

The biggest limitation with betting against soft bookmakers like Bet365, Unibet and others, is that they eventually limit your bets down to $1 stakes.

So that’s why we created Trademate Pro, which supports three sharps bookmakers (SBOBET, Dafabet & Pinnacle) and two betting exchanges (Betfair & Matchbook).

By using either a sharp bookie or betting exchange, it allows you to not only bet for longer, but in most cases, stake more money, as they allow winning players to bet with them.

Trademate Pro is designed for the professional/aspiring professional sports bettor, or any individual wishing to generate a secondary income from trading in the Asian/Exchange betting markets.

We have never really posted an article or video about how to best use Trademate Pro for many reasons which we will state below. So hopefully this article gives you a bit more insight into how we perform against the shaper bookies, what kind of returns you can expect and how to best use the Pro software.

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