How to Make Trademate Sports a Part-Time Job

  1. Your Strategy — This could be something as simple as placing 1000 bets per month with an average closing edge of 3%.
  2. Financial goals — While in the short term it’s impossible to determine results due to randomness, you may set financial goals over a monthly, six month or yearly period.
  3. EV goals — This is arguably more important than financial goals. Due to the variance element of your new part-time job, you won’t know which months will return the money you set out to make. So instead, have a goal of how much EV (expected value) you want to make over the month. Hitting those goals will better equip you to hit your long-term financial goals.

Bankroll Size

Firstly it’s crucial to adjust your bankroll size to make your financial goals possible. In this previous article, Alex used Trademate for three months, after starting with a bankroll of $1000. He emphasises the limitations of a small starting bankroll, even with good short-term results there’s only so much to be made when you can only stake a limited amount. I recommend looking at the charts and tables in that article to get a better overview, but generally speaking, if you wanted to make $800-$1000 per month (long term) as a part-time job you’d need closer to a $3000 starting bankroll.

Strategy and EV goals

Financial goals and ambitions are important to have, but similarly to bankroll sizing you’ll need a sound strategy and EV goals to hit in the short term in order to achieve the long-term success you want. In the same article, Alex goes into detail about his hypothetical profits from EV. While EV and profits won’t be the same, in the short term it’s best to focus on the growth of your EV.



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