How to Make Money Using Accumulators and Avoid the Biggest Rookie Mistakes

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2 min readAug 12, 2021

Tips for accumulator betting:

  1. Use a software like Trademate to find positive edge bets with the same bookmaker and combine them.
  2. If using your own bets, make sure to calculate the ‘true odds’ of each selection and ensure each selection has a positive edge. One negative EV selection will directly affect your chances of long-term profits.
  3. Don’t be afraid to manually rollover instead of a regular multiple bet. By this I mean, if one leg of your bet is better odds on a different bookie then take it on that and manually put the winnings on the next bet. The only way to beat the bookies is to consistently take the highest edge you can on them.
  4. Do not add ‘fillers’ into your accumulators. It is not logical to add Manchester City as a ‘banker’ in your accumulator just to get bigger odds. Every time you do this you are simply making the odds offered to you further from the true odds. (Unless of course Man City is a positive edge bet).
  5. Try and limit the number of legs needed to win. Yes it’s satisfying winning a 10 fold acca, however, that’s less the case when you’ve lost hundreds of them just trying to win one and have a negative P/L. Build profits slowly rather than entering the lottery.
  6. Stay away from multiples unless you are sure that you have an edge on the market. A proven system that has an excess of a 1,000 bet sample size.
  7. Also, remember that by combining two or more value bets together you are also increasing your variance. Yes, you are getting a bigger edge which is optimal, but you need to remember that now your bet has less chance of winning in the short-term, so expect more variance in the short term. However, this does mean in the long term you can land more big odds winners.

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