How Pro Sports Bettor Matthew Benham Led Brentford to Premier League Promotion with Data & Betting Principles

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2 min readSep 14, 2021

Most sports bettors will have heard of Matthew Benham and his story and how he used statistical models to make millions from sports betting. Funny enough, the article we wrote about Matthew Benham two years ago is by far the most popular article we’ve ever written on our blog, so we thought why not make another one!

With his sports betting profits, he has bought two football clubs; newly-promoted English Premier League side, Brentford FC, and Danish club, FC Midtjylland. He took sports stats to a whole new level by applying them in the daily processes at both clubs. I won’t go too in detail on Matthew Benham’s story but rather the tactics and forms of recruitment used by the clubs that are run primarily with his statistical models. If you haven’t heard anything on Benham before, check out our previous article here.

Data-led Approach

Benham purchased Brentford in 2012, but it was much easier to implement the changes he wanted at FC Midtjylland first, which he purchased in 2014. This is down to multiple reasons, primarily the difficulty of the English leagues in comparison to the Danish. Also, there are big stepping stones with transfers in England, things such as work permits aren’t easy to obtain for Championship level players. English clubs, especially in League 1 or the Championship require far more in terms of finances too. It’s reported Benham has invested around €10 million into Midtjylland compared to €100 million into Brentford.

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