Differences Between BetBurger and Trademate Sports

Before getting into all the factors that differentiate Trademate Sports and BetBurger it is important to note that Betburger offers both a pre-match value betting software and a live value betting software. So in this article, we will compare the differences between Trademate Sports Software and pre-match BetBurger Software.

If you are new to value betting you might be asking yourself what exactly is value betting and how does a value betting software work? Basically what a value betting software does is that it scans odds across multiple bookmakers in order to find inaccuracies in betting markets and gives you an opportunity to exploit those inaccuracies. This is a big topic that deserves its own article and you can read more about it here.

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Closing EV

Closing EV is an advanced topic about which you can find out more in this article here or you can watch this video below where the Co-Founder of Trademate Sports, Jonas Gjelstad explains all about it.

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